When Your Resolution Is About Someone Else

Spreckels Bail Bonds

Spreckels Bail Bonds

Being the good, always concerned friend you are, you might consider taking it upon yourself this New Year to have a resolution that focuses on a loved one of yours, rather than yourself. You choose to try to make your friend see that if he or she continues to keep up certain bad habits and risky actions of theirs, they one day could end up in a lot of legal trouble, or worse.

Your resolution this year could be to be a better friend, which not only includes having more fun together, but also being that stern friend who is not afraid to have serious conversations concerning safety. Your resolution to be a better friend will include not being afraid to stand up to your friend and perhaps dealing with them being angry at you for a few days because they do not want to listen to you. However, you know that in a few days they will come to their senses, apologize for their anger, and express their understanding of where you are coming from.

We hope that they will agree to work on themselves, to be a better person and make smarter choices. If they acknowledge this, then you are a step towards a successful resolution. They will prove this to you with their actions. Tell them you are on their side and that you will support them the entire way.

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