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We WILL Find A Way To Help You

Salinas Bail Bonds

There is no such thing as a company that doesn’t have flaws and doesn’t have at least one less than satisfied customer. Each person takes different stances on a company based on personal experience, situation, and expectation. A company can only do so much for every person based on their offerings and capability. But there […]

Salinas Bail Bond Store Bail Agents Are The Best

Salinas Bail Bonds

For the best bail bond help you’ve been looking for, call 831-422-8800 The best bail bond agents in California’s bail bond industry are found at one of the state’s best bail bond company: Salinas Bail Bond Store. It is the cherry on top, the cream of the crop, the best of the best. Salinas Bail […]

Salinas Bail Bond Store Bondsmen Are The Best You’ll Get Anywhere

Being a bail bondsman in the bail bond industry where the life and freedom of somebody (who is more than likely a complete stranger putting complete faith and dependence on you) is a serious undertaking. A high school diploma isn’t good enough; neither is 4 years of undergrad let alone a masters or doctorate in […]

Salinas Bail Bond Store Offers The Best And The Most

24/7 service and availability anywhere in California Numerous offices throughout California Personalized, affordable, low monthly rate payment plans Cash, credit and debit, checks are accepted Easy, convenient and secure online payment system Licensed, professional, friendly and understanding bail bond agents Secure online chat and hotline assistance Prompt and courteous service Nearly 30 years of leading […]

How You Could Change Your Parent’s Life For The Better

Not every family is the perfect family, right. Some families are broken, there is constant arguing, the home isn’t the healthiest environment, parents are not a role model for their children as they can be. Some children are greatly affected by this, others face this adversity and overcome it with their own determination. A child […]

An Example Of A False Report

It’s not very surprising, but instead disappointing, that there are people in prison who have been wrongly convicted of a crime. The person could be in prison because investigators were lazy, the jury was lazy or racist or sexist, the technology to test DNA and evidence was not as precise and accurate as it is […]

The Weirdest California Laws

Here are the weirdest laws in California so far: You cannot play with a frisbee at any Los Angeles beaches unless you get the lifeguard’s “okay.” Women may not drive while wearing a house coat. No vehicle without a driver can go more than 60 miles per hour. Animals may not mate in public if […]

Lying Always Gets You In Trouble

Lying to the police and making a false report is a crime. Making a mistake by telling the police one thing, then remembering it’s another thing, is different and not a crime. For example, describing the getaway car as red when you definitely know it was white is lying and thus committing a crime. But […]

Salinas Bail Bond Store Will Help When No One Else Can

What makes the agents here at Salinas Bail Bond Store among the most trustworthy and the most sincere is their commitment to helping those in need. Unlike many people who do work because it pays their bills and puts food on their plates, Salinas Bail Bond Store agents do their work because they genuinely care […]

How Our Clients Bailed Themselves Out Of Jail

Our team at Salinas Bail Bond Store are more than happy when we get to help a client bailed out of jail and return home to their loved ones. We get to turn stressed, angry and concerned faces into ones of joy and relief. Knowing that we make a huge difference in the middle of […]