New Laws To Prevent Distracted Driving

Gilroy Bail Bonds

Gilroy Bail Bonds

We all know that using cell phones while driving is a no-no. It has been illegal for several years now, but since the original bills were put into effect, the intelligence of smartphones has increased. They can access social media, texts, email, video chat, and have better GPS. It is no secret that we rely on our smartphones for practically everything these days, or that we are on our phones all the time. To keep up with smartphones, new laws regarding cell phone use and driving have been put into place this year, which extend on the existing laws.

The new laws are meant to prevent distracted driving and say that the only phone interaction a driver may have is one single swipe or tap. The laws also state that the phones must be properly mounted to the car.

The minimum punishment if caught disobeying laws is a fine. The maximum punishment; accident, injury, or arrest.

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