What Television Doesn’t Show About Bail Bond Store

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Most people know what they know about bail bonds because of crime television shows they watch. However, because these shows are for entertainment, not everything there is to know about bail bonds is shown. There are also time limits and the need to get through the plot. It’s natural things are overlooked. So, here are elements that are often left out on television:

  1. Bail bonds can be re-evaluated and modified. If the defendant is not offered bail, he or she has the right to ask the judge to reconsider.
  2. Bail bonds can be revoked.
  3. Bail bonds can have many rules attached, including not leaving the city, state, and/ or country, staying away from certain places, etc.
  4. Bail agents can go after the defendant if they attempt to flee because they can face consequences if the defendant flees or doesn’t show up for court.

We’ll admit that at Pacific Grove Bail Bond Store, we find drama crime television shows as entertain and nail biting as you, but we find it important to educate you on the real, full facts pertain to bail bonds as well.

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