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King City Bail Bond Store Is Prepared For Any Situation You Might Be In

Do not go to a bail bond company where the bail agents are only trained for a few different scenarios. Some bail companies have bail agents who are not prepared to handle any situation anywhere in the state of California. At King City Bail Bond Store, our trained bail agents have expert knowledge in regards […]

We’re Saying Age Is Nothing But A Number

They say age is just a number, right? That doesn’t apply just to individuals but also to companies as well. Just because a company has say, 50 years of experience in their field doesn’t mean they are automatically “better” than a younger company. You shouldn’t disregard a younger company because there are others who have […]

King City Bail Bond Store Provides 24 Hours Bail Service, Call Us Anytime!

Finding out that a loved on has just been arrested is a terrible news, but don’t let it ruin your day. Take a deep breath, try to calm youself down and call King City Bail Bond Store for quick and easy and most importantly affordable bail bond help. Talk to one of our professional bail […]

King City Bail Bond Store – Working Hard Around The Clock

No one ever wants to spend time in jail, everyone would rather be out and about enjoying life. Just because your friend got arrested does not mean he or she has to stay in jail. Most people can be bailed out of jail as soon as they have been booked in. As soon as you […]

You Can Count On King City Bail Bond Store To Be There For You

When you need a helping hand to get a loved one out of jail in California, call King City Bail Bond Store. We have been bailing people out of jail for nearly 30 years now. Our bail bondsmen are some of the most experienced in the industry and can make bailing your loved ones out […]

Posting Bail With King City Bail Bond Store Will Only Take a Few Minutes of Your Time

The first step towards bailing your loved one out of jail is to contact King City Bail Bond Store. Visit SalinasBailBonds.com to find your nearest location, or simply call 831-422-8800. Your agent will gather all the necessary information and paperwork and begin discussing with you immediately how the bail bond will work, and how you […]

What You Need to Get a Bail Bond

In order to be eligible to receive a bail bond, a defendant and their bail agent must get approval from the surety, the insurance Underwriter. They must provide the premium and collateral to get approval. Premium is 10% of the bail amount that the judge set. This 10% is the cot of the bond. Collateral […]