Different Kinds Of Trespassing That Can Get You In Trouble

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There is a reason for that “Do Not Enter” sign posted on the fence. Whether it is a protected natural habitat, a private property or a hazardous location, you should always obey the sign. Even if the area you are trying to reach consistently has visitors trespassing with little to no interruption from the police, does not make it illegal. Some places that come to mind are Sunken City in Southern California and the Stairway to Heaven in Hawaii. It is still illegal and you could be the lucky one to get into trouble.

In California, most trespass offenses are misdemeanors where penalties are up to 6 months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000. A small percentage of trespass offenses can be only infractions, where the defendant only pays a fine. However, a felony trespass, aggravated trespass, is when another person is threatened and/or injured in the process. In this case, the defendant would face at least a few years in jail.

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