Ten Crazy California Laws

Why Does Bail Even Exist?

For 168 years California lawmakers have been enacting laws to create community standards, maintain proper order, and protect its constituents. In 2017 alone, lawmakers passed almost 900 new bills that sought to address a number of different topics including immigration, minimum wage, paternity leave, and climate change.

Over the past 168 years, the reason such laws are enacted hasn’t drifted much, but in between traditional laws, a few more peculiar laws have made their way into the books. We’ve compiled ten of the craziest California state laws that you could be breaking without knowing it.

1. Sunshine is guaranteed to the masses – Call us crazy, but we didn’t know one could enact a law that Mother Nature is forced to follow.

2. No vehicle without a driver may exceed 60 MPH – Cars without drivers, whoever enacted this law was living in the future!

3. Peacocks have the right of way to cross any street, including driveways – Forget pedestrians, in Arcadia, California it’s all about ensuring the peacocks can cross safely.

4. Bowling on the sidewalk is illegal – If you’re in Chico, California and get the urge to take your family bowling, you’ll have to do it anywhere but the sidewalk.

5. A man with a mustache may not kiss a woman – If you’re a man in Eureka, California then you’ll need to shave your mustache before kissing a woman or you could face arrest.

6. It is illegal to drive more than two thousand sheep down Hollywood Boulevard at one time – Don’t fret, you can still drive 1,999 sheep down Hollywood Boulevard.

7. You may not hunt moths under a street light – Living in Los Angeles, California? You’ll have to save your nightly moth hunting for the backyard.

8. All persons wishing to keep a rhinoceros as a pet must obtain a $100 license first – If you’re a resident of Norco, California make sure you head to City Hall to obtain your rhinoceros license before bringing your new friend home from the pet store.

9. One may not carry a lunch down the street between 11 and 1 o’clock – Live in Riverside, California? Don’t carry your lunchbox on the sidewalk between these hours or you might be in big trouble.

10. Children may not wear a Halloween mask unless they get a special permit from the sheriff – Halloween is ruined in Walnut, California.

While many of these laws only apply to specific cities in California, you may have accidentally broken one and not known it! Drop up a comment below and let us know if you’ve ever broken one of these crazy California laws or if you know of any others!