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Mobile Bail Bondsmen in Natividad,CA

Our mobile bail agents can meet clients anywhere in California. We can bail someone out of any jail or courthouse in the state. Our professional bail agents can get your friend or family member bailed out and returned home safely in no time at all. Natividad Bail Bonds is the best option when it comes to bailing a loved one out of jail.

At Natividad Bail Bonds, our bail agents are available 24/7, give us a call 831-422-8800 or click Chat With Us now.

How To Bail Someone Out of Jail With Little Money

The first advantage connected to turning to Natividad Bail Bonds when your finances don’t allow you to post the entire bail is that we only require 10% of the bail amount. That’s it, just ten percent.

If you don’t have the 10% we have flexible payment plans. We will work closely with you to create a payment program that works with your financial situation. These payments are zero-interest so when all is said and done, you’ll still have only paid the 10%.

In some situations, we will ask for some sort of collateral. This usually only happens when the requested bail bond is high or when we think your loved one is a flight risk. We’ll explain what we accept as collateral during the free consultation and make sure you understand how we use the collateral before you sign the bail bonds contract.


Natividad Bail Bonds Is Always Available To You

Any time you need a bail bond, whether it is 3 PM on a Friday afternoon or 3 AM on Christmas Day, you can count on Natividad Bail Bonds to answer your call. We offer free consultation, so do not hesitate to ask questions when you talk to one of our bail agents. We are committed to providing you the best bail bond service in all of California.

When you turn to Natividad Bail Bonds, you’ll enjoy:

Do not wait another second, call Natividad Bail Bonds now at 831-422-8800.


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