What Can Happen If You Forge Credit Card Information?

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Credit cards make life easier. While it would be nice if we could live on our weekly earnings, most of the time that simply isn’t possible. The credit card allows us to cover emergencies and other purchases during that times when we simply don’t have enough money for those expenses. Credit cards can also get […]

If You Don’t Provide a Driver’s License What Can Happen?

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Here’s the thing. Driving is considered a privilege, not a right. That little laminated card you receive from the DMV is what tells everyone, including a patrol officer who pulls you over, that you have been granted the privilege of operating a motor vehicle on the California streets. If you’ve been pulled over for some […]

Some of the Most Expensive Bail in U.S. History | Call Us

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On average, bail amounts equate to roughly $10,000. If you think this is expensive, you ought to check out some of the most expensive bail in U.S. history: Raj Rajaratnam, $100 million bail. He was involved in a $20 million insider-trading scheme. Bernie Madoff, $10 million bail. He was involved in the $50 billion Ponzi […]

Help Protect Your Rights with Salinas Bail Bonds Store

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You have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. These are the rights for people who are arrested for any crime. These rights weren’t always in place and so fundamentally crucial to the people who get arrested. These rights came about following the 1966 case of Miranda v. Arizona. What happened […]

You Were Out on Bail When You Got Arrested Again. Now What?

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One of the big rules connected to your bail bonds is that you’re not supposed to engage in any type of criminal activity or with anyone suspected of criminal activity until your case concludes. The problem is that every once in a while we’ll get a call from a client letting us know that something […]

Can You Bail Someone Out of Jail When You’re Broke

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One of your favorite loved ones has been arrested. You desperately want to help by posting bail. The only problem is that while your intentions are good and your heart is in the right place, you don’t have any money. The good news is that just because you don’t have any extra money on hand, […]

Bribing a Witness In a Criminal Court Case, What Can Happen?

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Actions have consequences. The problem is that sometimes we don’t think about those consequences before we act. As a result, we find ourselves in a jail cell and facing criminal charges. While you may want the entire situation to disappear, what you shouldn’t do is attempt to bribe a witness so that the police/prosecution has […]

What is Aggravated Trespass in California?

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Most of us are familiar with the concept of trespassing. We know that trespassing is the act of being on someone else’s property without first getting their permission. We fully understand that if we’re caught trespassing, the property owner has the right to file criminal charges against us. If you’re convicted of trespassing in California, […]

Can I Get Into Trouble for Disobeying a Police Officer?

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Humans are funny. Whenever we’re given an order, we have an almost overwhelming compulsion to rebel against it. While rebellion is okay in certain situations, when that order comes directly from a police officer, it’s in your best interest to ignore your instincts. The vast majority of us will only be put in a position […]

Driving With Young Kids? Does California Require a Car Seat

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It’s common knowledge that anyone who is driving with a baby in the car must have a reliable car seat in their car. Fewer people are confident about the laws when it comes to older, larger children. The issues of car seats in California are discussed in Vehicle Code 27360 VC. The law very clearly […]