Getting a Bail Bond When You’re Self-Employed

You already know that when it comes to financial matters, everything seems a little harder when you’re self-employed. Many people expect that their self-employed status will make getting a bail bond just as challenging.

The first thing to remember is that you’re not the only self-employed individual needing a bail bond. It’s estimated that approximately 2 million Americans will be arrested in a single year and need to post bail. Many of those will require a bail bond, and a reasonable number of bail bond applicants are self-employed. Monterey Bail Bonds have been serving California for several decades, so we’re old hands when it comes to bail and self-employment.

The second thing you need to understand is that while your status as a self-employed individual may mean that it may take a little longer for us to push your bail bond through, we’re still ready and willing to work with you. Don’t let the fact that you work for yourself stop you from contacting us about a bail bond.

The process we use when working with a self-employed client is the same as what we do when we’re working with a traditionally employed individual. The fee is still 10%. We could still require collateral and/or a co-signer. We are still happy to put together a flexible, zero-down, zero-interest payment plan for you.

One of the biggest differences between your application process and that of a person who is traditionally employed is the paperwork we require. With traditionally employed clients, we ask for a check stub. Since you’re self-employed, we’ll require a 1099 document or possibly a bank statement. These serve as proof of your self-employment. 

Our willingness to work with clients who are self-employed is just one of the many reasons you’ll be glad you contacted Monterey Bail Bonds. Additional things you’ll quickly grow to appreciate about us include:

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Curfews and Bail Bond

During an arraignment, the judge doesn’t simply decide how much bail is required to secure your release from jail. They will also look at your history, the charges you face, and even some of the evidence the prosecution has and decide if any restrictions should be attached to the bail and what they will be.

In some situations, one of the restrictions the judge will invoke is a curfew. This means that while you’re free to go to work and even run some basic errands, you are expected to be in your home by a certain time. When a curfew is part of your bail agreement, you’re not allowed to do spontaneous things like running to the nearest store for a pint of ice cream or deciding to take the dog for a late-night walk.

It is extremely important that you are very conscious of what the curfew is and what you are and aren’t allowed to do when you’re not at home. If you’re caught making a single violation, you will be arrested, your bail will be revoked, and you will discover that being out on bail with a curfew was considerably better than being forced to sit, bored, in a county jail cell all day long while you wait for your case to make its way through the court system.

We understand that understanding all the restrictions connected to your bail can be confusing. We aim to keep the lines of communication open with all of our clients. If a curfew is part of the restrictions attached to your bail, we will make sure you understand the impact it has on your life, how to handle the situation in the event of an emergency, and make sure you understand what will happen if you aren’t home at the designated times.

When you need a bail bond, there are several reasons you should make Monterey Bail Bonds your first call.

There’s nothing pleasant about being locked in a county jail cell. We strive to make getting a bail bond as smooth as possible and promise to have you released from jail as quickly as we can. The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner we can arrange your release from jail. Consultations are available 24/7 and are completely free.

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