The Difference Between Jail And Prison

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The terms “jail” and “prison” are often thrown around interchangeably, but they actually carry different meanings. Jails and prisons are separate institutions, and here are the differences in the simplest terms, in case you or a loved one are facing one of these prospects:

  • Operation and location – Jails are operated by the county, prisons by the state or federal government. The jail a person is sent to can be relatively close, so to speak, to their home. If they are sent to prison, they are sent further away. There are also many more jails in the US than there are prisons.
  • Inmates – People convicted of minor crimes and are required to serve a 1 to 2 year sentence go to jail. People convicted of major crimes and must serve a longer sentence go to prison.
  • Programs and amenities – Relatively speaking, people in jail serve a short sentence so there are no special programs or amenities offered; basic programs may be offered.

Prisons, where sentences are longer, offer various programs like work release programs, halfway houses, recreation and entertainment facilities, etc. These are offered in prisons because inmates are there for many years

People who have yet to post bail will be taken to jail, not prison. But with the help of an Salinas Bail Bond agent, that time in jail will be very short. Speak with an agent at 831-422-8800!