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Before Hiring A Bail Bond Storeman To Help Your Case, You Need To Ask Them These Questions

When seeking out a bail bondsman, you need to make sure to do proper initial research and to be assertive. Bail agents will help you but not all will treat you or respect you in the same regard. Some will help you, but really take advantage of you then abandon you. You need to protect […]

Bail Cost Too Expensive? No Problem. Call Greenfield Bail Bond Store & We’ll Help!

If you think you can’t bail out your friend or family member out of jail because you assumed you can’t afford it, well think again. At Greenfield Bail Bond Store, we strive to make bail bonds easy and most importantly affordable. We offer discounts, payment plans, and, unlike our competitors, we will never surprise you […]

What’s a Records Check?

Before jail allows someone to go free until their court hearing, the person must pass a records check. The person will be fingerprinted, and those fingerprints will be sent to the Department of Justice. Once the fingerprints are received and processed as needed, the defendant can leave jail. A records check sounds like it would […]

How to Become a Bail Agent

While the process to becoming a licensed bail agent is largely the same for every US state, there may be some minor differences. It is important to understand eligibility and requirements for the state you’re looking to be a licensed bail agent in. To be licensed in California, you must… Be at least 18 years […]