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Stay Safe on the Internet, Understand the Top Internet Scams


Shortly after the internet was created, the internet scam was born. It’s amazing the number of different ways the internet has been used to scam different people. It seems like every single year, a new scam hits the virtual world and people start falling for it. While new internet scams are interesting and you should […]

Learning How to Be Aware of Your Surroundings


In this day and age, you can’t afford to not be aware of your surroundings. It doesn’t matter if you’re strolling around the block near your home or walking across a busy parking lot after getting groceries, you must be aware of your surroundings. The world has become a dangerous place. Not only do you […]

The Degree of Charges if You are Caught Committing Arson

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Some states have different degrees of arson charges. The charges are the same as murder charges, with 3rd-degree arson being the least severe charge and first-degree arson carrying the biggest sentence. Things are different in California where there aren’t any varying degrees of arson charges. Instead of separating arson into three different degrees, at some […]

What Happens if Are Caught Trespassing on Private Property?

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California lawmakers firmly believe that private property owners are entitled to enjoy their property without having to worry about people trespassing all over it. To help ensure that property owners are able to get full enjoyment from their property, lawmakers make it illegal to enter and/or remain on private property unless you’ve been given permission […]

What Happens If I Get a School Zone Speeding Ticket?

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When it comes to the safety of school children, California’s lawmakers aren’t messing around. They expect every single driver to know when they are in a school zone and to drive with even more care. If you’re caught speeding in a school zone, you should expect that the patrol officer who pulls you over will […]

Dangers of Sharing A Prescribed Medication That Isn’t Yours

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When you hear that someone is suffering from a health problem, especially pain, it’s so easy to reach into your medicine cabinet and pull out whatever prescription you have on hand that you think will help them feel better. The reality is that unless you’re passing out over-the-counter medications, you should squash your urge and […]

What Can Happen If You Forge Credit Card Information?

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Credit cards make life easier. While it would be nice if we could live on our weekly earnings, most of the time that simply isn’t possible. The credit card allows us to cover emergencies and other purchases during that times when we simply don’t have enough money for those expenses. Credit cards can also get […]

If You Don’t Provide a Driver’s License What Can Happen?

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Here’s the thing. Driving is considered a privilege, not a right. That little laminated card you receive from the DMV is what tells everyone, including a patrol officer who pulls you over, that you have been granted the privilege of operating a motor vehicle on the California streets. If you’ve been pulled over for some […]

Travel Allowances While Out On Bail

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If you have a vacation coming up, but you or a travel companion of yours is currently out on bail, you will need to make sure that their release terms and court appearances are not going to conflict with the travel plans. Unfortunately, you will need to prioritize the court situation over your vacation, even […]

California’s Open Container Laws

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In California, driving under the influence is not the only illegal alcohol and vehicle act, but it is the most known. It carries the most serious penalties. It is also very much worth knowing other alcohol and driving related laws, especially the “open container” laws for California. For drivers who are 21 years or older, […]