Jail Vs. Prison: What’s The Difference And Where Might Your Loved One End Up?

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To most people’s surprise, jail and prison are not exact synonyms for each other because they refer to two separate institutions that house different groups of criminals and are run by different levels of government.


  • Operated by local governments
  • Holds individuals awaiting trial or serving short term (usually up to 1 year) sentences
  • Offers programs such as work-release and boot camp to address various needs – educational, vocational, substance abuse, etc.



  • Operated by state or federal governments
  • Holds individuals serving long-term sentences
  • Offers halfway houses, work-release centers, and community restitution centers for inmates nearing the end of their sentences. These centers are designed to help transition inmates back to society


So there you have it. This can give you an idea of where your loved one, if convicted, could end up.

In the meantime, your loved one should be living at home, not in jail, as they are awaiting trial. Contact Salinas Bail Bond Store at 831-422-8800. Once the paperwork is signed, we’ll transfer it immediately to the jail to process. We officer zero interest on our bail bonds – just make sure to meet each payment deadline and see that your loved one appears in court.

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