How to React when someone you know needs your help in getting out of jail

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Your phone rings. You don’t know the number, but you pick up anyway. It’s your friend on the other line, telling you they got into some trouble and needs you to bail them out. Immediately, you are overcome with a flood of emotion – anger, concern, disappointment, but still a little bit of relief. You agree to help them out, hang up, and get ready to go.

Now that you bailed your friend out, how do you approach the topic? Where in your emotions and opinions do you begin to question and lecture? Keep reading for some pointers and things to consider on this sensitive yet crucial conversation.

  1. Contain anger and do not let it get out of control. You should be angry, but it shouldn’t overpower – it won’t help the rest of the conversation and your relationship.
  2. Express concern and disappointment and set limitations – for the situation and, if necessary, for their past and future. Hopefully this offense is their first and only, but remember that get-out-of-jail-free cards aren’t always this easy. Next time they won’t be so lucky, and next time, you may not be there. It may sound harsh, but harsh is necessary.
  3. End the conversation with relief that ultimately, they are okay. Matters could have been worse, but that they are walking away with you now, is a good sign.

A part of being a friend is helping them through rough times and leading them to become a better person. This applies throughout your whole friendship, not just when they call on you for help.

If you’re ever in the situation where you need to bail a friend out, remember those three key points. Our professional and helpful staff at Salinas Bail Bond Store is also here to assist you and walk you through this tough time.

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