Funny California Laws – Let’s Hope You Don’t Get Arrested!

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Most laws that are passed generally make sense right? No drinking and driving. Don’t rob or murder someone. Don’t overfish and deplete resources and the ecosystem.

But there are also a bunch of old laws that don’t make sense. Maybe in the past it did, more so than they do now, or maybe not even then. Here are some of those wacky laws that are still technically in the books today:

  • No vehicle that doesn’t have a driver, can go faster than 60 miles per hour.
  • Anyone who wants to keep a pet rhino only needs a $100 license!
  • In Eureka, CA, mustached men are forbidden from kissing a woman.
  • Women who wear housecoats may not do so while driving their cars.
  • In Riverside, you cannot carry your lunch down the street between 11AM and 1PM lunch hours.
  • In the seaside town of Carmel, CA, women may not wear high heels.
  • You cannot stand on the sidewalk and eat ice cream at the same time.
  • You have to own a minimum of two cows if you want to wear cowboy boots.


California isn’t the only state to have wacky laws – each state has their fair share of crazy laws too.

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