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Collateral Damage

If a defendant gets out of jail using a bail bond from a bail agent, that bail agent becomes responsible for ensuring the defendant appears back in court. If the defendant skips court, the bail agent must pay the rest of the bond. So, what would get a bail agent, a stranger, to take on […]

How Bail Benefits The Public

It might not have occurred t you, but did you know that the public benefits from bail bonds, not just the person the bail bond is for? By bailing a person out of jail, it lowers pre-trial jail populations, meaning people pay less for the taxes it otherwise could cost. People eligible for bail are […]

The Stark Reality Of Not Paying Bail

If you’ve ever been arrested and bailed out of jail, be grateful. People who cannot afford bail face a harsh reality that we hope no one will ever have to endure. Being in jail is about survival. Jails are filled with dangerous, intimidating criminals. And not only is the company unwelcoming, the physical environment is […]

She Thought Her Life Was Over When She Was Arrested. She Was Wrong.

Young, beautiful, social, and successful. She was thoroughly enjoying her life, as it seemed as picture perfect as possible. Then one day, she was arrested (for a crime we will not discuss, as it could be anything between not paying tickets to murder). Sitting in jail, she thought her life as she knew it, was […]

Change: Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Change

Change may not always be a bad thing. People like routine, they like what they know and are used to. They are more often than not, scared of change. Even more so, they are scared when change happens within themselves or a friend because they become someone they are not too familiar with anymore. However, […]

If You Have Been Arrested You May Need A Bail Agent As A Friend

If you have found yourself in the unfortunate position of getting arrested, you will hope that your best friend will be there for you. You can always count on an Salinas Bail Bond Store bail agent to be there for you when you need a friend. Our skilled and helpful bail agents can be your […]

Get The Help You Need To Bail Out Of Jail

If you need to get bailed out of jail to begin putting your life back together then you need help from Salinas Bail Bond Store. We have been helping Californians get bailed out of jail for the past 28 years. We have bailed thousands of people out of jail and we can help you too. […]

Bail Agents That Know How To Take Care Of Their Clients

Salinas Bail Bond Store was founded nearly 30 years ago in 1987. Since then we have worked non-stop at making bail bonds easier and more affordable for all of our clients. We offer our clients the best deals available and provide the Salinas best bail service in California. Unlike our competitors, we actually care about […]

What Can Salinas Bail Bond Store Do For You?

Quick service Low monthly payment plans Zero interest Zero down No hidden fees Professional and experienced agents 24/7 availability State-wide service Online payment system What more can you ask for from a bail bond company? Actually, we offer more ideals than any other California bail bond company, and we have a great track record to […]

How Much Time Do I Have To Pay My Bail Bond?

Unlike paying your bond in entirety in cash to the court soon after learning the amount, paying for your bail bond is differently – lengthier, if you will. However, the exact amount of time you have to pay for the bail bond will depend on your financial needs and the payment schedule your bail bond […]